Robert Peel Primary School

Equality & Accessibility

The school promotes equal access to all pupils in the curriculum and the extra curricula areas and will not discriminate on the basis of gender, race, colour, nationality or ethnic origin.
Special Educational Needs
Some children, at some time during their education, may experience difficulties in one or more areas of the curriculum. Each Class Teacher is responsible for the children in their class and is supported by the Special Needs & Disability Co-ordinator who ensures a whole school approach to meeting special educational needs.
If we become concerned about your child’s progress we will share this concern with you and may develop an individual SEND Support Plans. These plans will be shared with you and reviewed termly so that progress can be closely measured. The school is committed to compliance with the Special Educational Needs and Disability Act 2001 and the Disability Discrimination Act.
We have produced a full disability access plan which will ensure that we will not treat disabled pupils less favourably for a reason related to disability and we will take reasonable steps to ensure that disabled pupils are not placed at a substantial disadvantage compared to their non-disabled peers. The school's commitment to inclusion ensures that we actively seek to accommodate those with disabilities or an additional need.
More Able and Talented
A register of children, who show signs of being more able or talented in specific areas of learning, is kept. We provide opportunities, where appropriate, to support these skills including links with the other schools and external agencies.