Robert Peel Primary School


English Intent


Through the teaching of English, our vision is to provide an embedded, wide-ranging curriculum, which promotes excellence and aspiration of English skills across the curriculum.


Speaking and Listening skills will be promoted and encouraged throughout all learning, ensuring that all children develop the ability to express themselves clearly and confidently, showing respect to others and their opinions. Discussions and presentations in class, and class assemblies, will provide opportunities for children to showcase their Speaking and Listening skills in a range of contexts.


Children will be encouraged and supported to develop a love of reading through exposure to a range of high quality texts throughout their time at school. Word decoding, fluency and comprehension will be taught daily throughout the school, using systematic teaching of phonics and Guided Reading sessions. Reading books will be sent home for every child to encourage reading outside of school and within families.


All children will be encouraged to develop age appropriate writing skills, across a range of genres and contexts, expressing themselves clearly and cohesively whilst developing their own writing style.