Robert Peel Primary School

Home School Agreement

Our ‘Vision’ below details our ambition for the children during their time with us at Robert Peel.



At Robert Peel Primary School our vision is to develop confident, resilient and independent learners who are able to communicate effectively with others. Our aim is for the children to be happy in all aspects of school life and for them to aspire to be the best they can be.


We will achieve this through the teaching of a rich and diverse curriculum, with an emphasis on deep and sustained learning. The learning will focus on building up the children’s knowledge and skills over time and engaging them in real-life experiences. Children will have the opportunity to lead their own learning, question their understanding, develop their vocabulary and gain fluency through practise and rehearsing key skills. Our intent is that children gain a passion for learning and take the skills, knowledge and learning behaviours they have gained at Robert Peel into their next phase of education and adult life.

Our vision and educational ethos is based on helping children become better learners and develop learning behaviours and attitudes which will not only serve them well at school but also as they boldly go through the journey of life.

The learning behaviours our Vision promotes are:

“I can set and review my own targets for learning.” “I can see where my work will lead me.” “I know when a piece of work has been completed to the best of my ability.” “I am happy to make changes from original ideas.”

“I can choose and use equipment needed for a set task.” “I do not allow myself to get distracted easily. “I can follow my own line of enquiry.” “I enjoy taking responsibility.” “I can think about more than one way to solve a problem.

“I give my best effort in everything I do.” “I am happy to give an opinion and explain it.” “I know that by working hard I will be successful.” “I am willing to have a go at something new.”

“I ask lots of questions.” “I use my imagination and share my thoughts with others.” “I have lots of ideas that I am happy to share.” “I am involved in clubs or groups.” “I am happy to work with different children or on my own.”

Communication Skills
“I am able to put my point of view across in a positive way.” “I can express myself using complete sentences.” “I can hold the attention of listeners by adapting the way I talk.” “I can participate fully in paired and group discussions.”  “I ask questions to clarify or develop my understanding.”

“I keep going even if something is hard.” “I don’t mind making a mistake as I can learn from it.” I am able to say what went well and what I could do better next time.” “I keep pushing towards my targets even if I find it hard at times.” “I can use trial and error to work through a problem.”


As a school we will:

  • Care for your child’s safety, well-being and happiness,
  • Promote a learning culture that encourages children and teachers to become better learners,
  • Enable children to approach difficulties in learning without fear of failure and be resilient if things don’t go to plan,
  • Allow the children to take small steps within learning,
  • Develop and encourage confidence even when challenges are faced,
  • Establish our Vision within everyday teaching and learning and all strands of school life,
  • Enable the children to have the ability to understand learning processes and to set their own targets,
  • Encourage your child to become an inquisitive, self-motivated learner,
  • Bring out a sense of joy and excitement about learning,
  • Aspire children to communicate positively and have confidence to work on their own or with others,
  • Help your child feel that they are part of a caring and supportive community,
  • Encourage your child to work and behave to a high personal standard and display positive attitudes to learning,
  • Foster good relations with you, the parent or carer and keep you informed as to your child’s progress and raise any concerns with you.


As a parent we will:

  • See that my child attends school regularly, on time and is properly equipped,
  • Support my child in developing the school’s behaviours to learning and encourage these at home,
  • Support my child developing their fluency in reading, spellings and Maths Facts,
  • Show my child that learning takes place in all settings and not just the school,
  • Make the school aware of any concerns or problems that might affect my child’s work or behaviour,
  • Support the school in helping my child to be part of a co-operative and supportive community and not undermine the work of the school by posting negative comments on social media sites.
  • Support my child with homework and other home learning opportunities and listen to my child read daily,
  • Support the school to make sure my child maintains good behaviour;
  • Support school in teaching the children to make safe choices including using the internet,
  • Attend parent meetings with the teacher to discuss my child’s achievements and progress,
  • Keep up to date about school events by reading all letters/messages/emails that are sent home,
  • Support all staff in their efforts to create a caring community which values children and their rights.


As a child I will:

  • Work hard and always do my best,
  • Be confident to try something new and not give up if something gets hard,
  • Share my ideas and thoughts with others,
  • Be well-behaved, polite and follow our Golden Rules,
  • Tell somebody if there is something I am not happy about,
  • Organise my equipment and listen carefully to instructions,
  • Try to do some of my work on my own,
  • Be a good, cheerful, caring and kind friend,
  • Take pride in my work and celebrate my achievements with a smile!