Robert Peel Primary School

House System

All of our children are divided into mixed aged teams from Nursery to Year 6, all of which are named after inspirational people from history who have demonstrated Robert Peel’s Learning Behaviours.  These are:

Churchill – Blue
Nightingale – Red
Newton – Green
Shakespeare – Yellow

Children come together in these House Teams to take part in a range of events and challenges. They are led by a Year 5 House and Sports Captains and all staff are assigned a House.

These challenges allow all the children to develop their confidence, resilience, determination, negotiating and social skills whilst working with younger and older children. It also helps children to get to know others in the school and develop respect for each other.

Events which have been hosted to date have been:


  • Cross Country
  • Football
  • Cricket
  • Reading
  • Times-tables
  • Golden Five Organisation
  • Sports Days


Churchill House Captain


Churchill  Sports Captain

Andre P-S

Newton House Captain

Charlie P

Newton Sports Captain

Holly B

Nightingale House Captain

Robbie L

Nightingale Sports Captain

Demi O

Shakespeare House Captain

Ryan G

Shakespeare Sports Captain

Aaron H