Robert Peel Primary School


RE Intent


Having a secure understanding about our own and others’ religions and beliefs in the wider world is vital in our modern, diverse world. During RE at Robert Peel Primary School, children will explore a range of stimulating, yet challenging, questions, developing an open and articulate understanding. Through the strategic curriculum design, RE will teach children about a variety of religions and values, allowing them to develop their own views and beliefs, while being respectful to others with differing opinions. Communication skills are developed for the children as they justify their views, whilst sympathising to the fundamental British Values, such as respect and tolerance.


Children learn about Modern Britain and the wider world religions by the study of real events from a range of beliefs, visiting places of worship and weekly assemblies, which bring stories from the Bible to life. Children will gain the confidence to explain their own values and beliefs through the rich and varied RE Agreed Syllabus. All children will develop a sense of identity and belonging, which will help children at Robert Peel Primary School to flourish into individuals, who are happy, independent and understanding of others.