Robert Peel Primary School

School Improvement Priorities

This year let’s make Robert Peel even better!
Here’s how . . .

Make our learning the best it can be by:
Acting on feedback given to me to improve my work.
Being confident and resilient and giving everything a go.
Asking questions and talking about my learning.

Develop our pride in our work by:
Ensuring my handwriting is the right size and sits on the lines.
Setting out my work in the correct way and using our Perfect Presentation Rules.
Trying my best every time I work in my books at school and at home.

Develop our deeper thinking in Maths by:
Practising our multiplication tables at school and at home.
Talking about our strategies and thinking in Maths.
Quickly recalling number facts.

Ensure our writing is the best it can be by:
Using the Success Criteria to help edit and improve my Writing.
Practising my spellings daily and using them in my Writing.
Checking my writing makes sense and is grammatically correct.