Robert Peel Primary School

Young Carers

Being a Young Carer

You're a young carer if you're under 18 and help to look after a relative with a disability, illness, mental health condition, or drug or alcohol problem.


If you're a young carer, you probably look after one of your parents or care for a brother or sister.

You may do extra jobs in and around the home, such as cooking, cleaning or helping someone get dressed and move around.


You may also give a lot of physical help to a parent, brother or sister who's disabled or ill.

Along with doing things to help your brother or sister, you may be giving them and your parents emotional support too.


Help for Young Carers

If you're a young carer, friends and relatives are often the first people to turn to for help with problems. Talking things through with them can be really helpful.


If you find it hard to talk to others, try to write your thoughts in a diary, poem or letter first. This can help to make sense of your thoughts and how you feel, before getting help.


Help from your School

Teachers are there to help pupils get the most out of school. They can be a good person for you to speak to about any problems you have.


If you're missing lessons to help look after someone at home, or struggling to get your work in on time, talk to a teacher about what you do at home so that they can understand what is happening and give you more help.


As a young carer, you might find school a place where you can forget about your caring responsibilities and feel "normal" for a while. But it can also be a place where you're under extra pressure or where people do not understand what your life is like outside school. It can sometimes be hard to juggle all your responsibilities as a young carer with the demands of teachers, friends and homework.


Registering as a Young Carer in Central Bedfordshire

To register as a Young Carer in Central Bedfordshire Council and begin accessing our activities, groups, and wellbeing support, please call The Hub on 0300 300 8585, or email and give your/your child’s name, DOB, address, and your contact details.


Central Bedfordshire Assessments

As a Young Carer, or parents of a Young Carer, if you feel your child needs an assessment to consider any additional needs around your caring role, please contact The Hub on 0300 300 8585, or email .


Robert Peel's Team

Robert Peel's Young Carer Champion is Mrs N Taylor. Please contact her at school if you require any information, advice or guidance about your child being a Young Carer.

There are lots of organistions to help any young carers, follow the links below.

The links below will give families guidance on Carer's Assessments.