Robert Peel Primary School


Year 4's day in the life of an Egyptian!

As part of year 4's learning this term we had an Egyptian day where Phil from 'Those History people' came in and gave the children an experience of Egyptian life.

The children were able to play character parts and were 'working' as Egyptians to create perfume, bread, canopic jars and so much more!

We had a King and Queen Pharaoh, soldiers to protect the kingdom as well as servants and guests at the great Egyptian banquet held in the Pharaoh's Palace!

The children thoroughly enjoyed the day and gained so much from it towards their learning. They were excited from start to finish and had lots of questions for Phil who kindly answered them all and more!

This experience day is highly valuable towards the children's education and they will remember it for years to come from the experiences they had first hand. This was completely provided for by FORP who do such an amazing job of raising funds for the children to have these vital experiences in class and keeping the day cost free for parents too! Thank you FORP!