Robert Peel Primary School

Raising a Concern

The Headteacher, Deputy Head and staff are always willing to discuss problems or concerns parents and carers have. It is always best to discuss problems as soon as they arise in order that they can be effectively resolved. 
As a matter of daily routine, schools receive numerous contacts from parents / carers and other interested parties, and most issues are easily resolved either by the provision of information, a discussion with a child’s class teacher, other relevant staff or through the arrangement of an informal meeting.

We believe that complaints procedures should be easily accessible and well publicised and that school staff and governors should be familiar with the procedure so that they can advise parents / carers or service users.

  • To reduce the need for complaint as far as is possible having regard to the overarching aims and purposes of the school.
  • A desire to settle differences informally
  • The need for more formal mechanisms for dealing fairly and effectively with complaints which have proved impossible to settle informally
  • Ensuring that parents / carers, service users, staff and Governors know what the procedures are
  • Introduction

Section 29 of the 2002 Education Act requires governing bodies to establish procedures for dealing with all complaints relating to the school and to publicise these procedures. The complaints procedure policy is below.
The majority of complaints received by schools are properly dealt with by other procedures but it is still a requirement for schools to have a general procedure for the minority of complaints which are not covered by other procedures.
If you require any further information then please contact the school Headteacher: Miss Liesl Ganney