Robert Peel Primary School

Outside Learning

Outdoor Provision Intent


At Robert Peel Primary School we strive to shape well rounded and happy individuals. Our intent is to create a safe and inspiring outdoor learning environment within our school which fosters a shared community space. A space that can be used by all, throughout the year. We aim to provide a natural, multi-sensory space where the child is at the centre of their own learning. Play will provide the basis for much of the free learning where creativity can flourish. Development will be enhanced beyond academic attainment and will strongly focus on the holistic progression of each individual.

Children will be:

  • learning through changing social interactions
  • strengthening their bodies, stretching their physical capabilities and exploring their fine motor and manipulation skills
  • challenging their minds to problem solve, reason and reflect.
  • differentiating their communication skills in a range of different situations.
  • identifying, accepting and managing their own emotions in context whilst.
  • finding self-happiness, aspiration and self-acceptance.

Our outdoor learning space includes an extensive playing field, wild flower hill, seasonal gardening plot and establishing Forest School. Children will become independent individuals, confident to challenge themselves and take risks in a supportive environment.  They will explore their own capabilities, aspirations and a understanding of self-worth and positive well-being. Our outdoor environments will also enrich the many areas of the curriculum across the whole year. Children will be able to put their learning in to practice, apply the skills they have learnt in real life contexts whilst seeing the benefits of each of their topic each month