Robert Peel Primary School

Friends of Robert Peel

Friends of Robert Peel (FORP) is an active and thriving organisation and all parents of children in the main school and in the Nursery are automatically members. You will receive regular newsletters giving details of events to be organised by the FORP committee and your support will be much appreciated. All the funds raised help to improve the quality of education and the facilities that we can offer the children.
Over recent years FORP have organized the following events:

  • Discos
  • Circus
  • Summer Fayre
  • Christmas Fayre
  • Match Box Competition
  • Easter Egg Competition
  • Ice Cream Sales
  • Secret Present Rooms

The money raised has been spent on many resources and experiences for the children at school. Each child receives a £7.50 contribution to a school trip each year and a £7.50 contribution to an experience in school.

Over recent years the FORP have funded the following:

  • Reading books
  • Dictionaries & Atlases
  • Cameras
  • Visualisors
  • Playground games
  • Bike and scooter racks
  • Water butts
  • Nursery resources
  • Happy Puzzle Day
  • Christmas Parties
  • Image Theatre
  • Cheeky Dog
  • Safari Stu