Robert Peel Primary School

Promoting Positive Behaviour

Robert Peel Primary School is a happy, supportive, friendly and welcoming school, with a true family atmosphere where all staff and pupils are positive, caring and encouraging and where a smile is shared. The staff, Governors and pupils alike enjoy what they do and do it very well. Our school community has high expectations, both in terms of achievement and behaviour and everyone is expected to do their best and to use their special gifts and talents to their full potential. At Robert Peel all members of the school family and the contributions they make are greatly valued and the school is a learning community where we value ourselves, others and the world around us, as we learn and grow together.

At Robert Peel we foster an ethos of mutual respect and the caring atmosphere in the school reflects this. We encourage children to be responsible for their own behaviour and to take a pride in themselves and the school. We strive to ensure each child receives his/her education in a safe and non-disruptive environment. In partnership with parents we aim to promote positive behaviour in our children, thus enhancing the caring, understanding ethos of our school. School rules and disciplinary procedures are formed in consultation with the children to maintain their safety and to help create an environment which is conducive to effective learning and teaching. The establishment of a positive learning environment at school and classroom level is key to effective learning and teaching. Effective learning and teaching is dependent on positive relationships established at school and at classroom level through interactions between staff and pupils and between the pupils themselves.

Promoting positive behaviour is the approach taken at Robert Peel. The children follow ‘Our Golden Rules’ which are:


We listen to people, we don’t interrupt.
We are kind and helpful, we don’t hurt anybody’s feelings.
We are patient, we wait our turn.
We work hard, we don’t waste time.
We look after our belongings, we don’t damage things.
We try our best, we don’t stop others from learning.
We are honest and respectful, we don’t cover up the truth or hurt others.
Red Tickets
These are classroom based or issued at break and lunchtime for children who have repeatedly not followed the schools’ Golden Rules. Children will be sent to the Head/ Deputy who will deal with the issue. If a child is repeatedly receiving Red Tickets then further action by the Headteacher/Deputy Head will be taken and parents will be involved in this process.
A lunchtime Red Ticket is as follows: 

I am unhappy with you because you:

  • Didn’t play well with other children.
  • Called someone an unkind name.
  • Were rude to an adult.
  • Damaged our playground equipment.
  • Didn’t listen to instructions.
  • Hurt someone’s feelings.
  • Pushed or hurt another child
A Red Ticket in lesson time is as follows:
I am unhappy with you because you:
  • Haven’t worked well in a group.
  • Called out after being reminded.
  • Were rude to an adult.
  • Damaged equipment.
  • Didn’t listen or follow instructions.
  • Upset or hurt someone in the class.
  • Haven’t completed work and distracted others.
  • Not telling the truth