Robert Peel Primary School


Science lesson: Adaptation!

This week in Science, Lions had a very exciting time learning about how some animals in the Arctic are adapted to their environment. We put our hand in ice-cold water and measured how long we could keep it in there (it was very cold and we didn't manage very long!). We then created a 'Lard glove' which used lard that acted like blubber for our hands and tried our hands again in the ice-cold water. We learnt that with this layer of insulation, we could keep our hand in the cold water for a lot longer!

Violin Lessons

Since January, we have been learning to play the violin with Mrs Adams. We have a lesson every Wednesday and we have been really enjoying discovering a new skill. Our teachers have been so impressed with our resilience and aspiration. Playing the violin isn't easy but we have listened carefully to Mrs Adams and really tried our best. We are looking forward to performing to our parents and some other members of the school in a couple of weeks time.

World Book Day 2023!

Lions have had a fantastic day today celebrating World Book Day! We enjoyed reading with Year 1 this morning and had some lovely visits from Miss Garden and Mrs M-T to share some of their favourite books! 

All of the children look fantastic in their costumes! Well done Lions!

Viking Day


As we are learning all about the Vikings, we had a very special day to experience being real Vikings. We learnt all about life in Viking villages and had the opportunity to try out some of the jobs that Vikings would have done. We really enjoyed making candles, using clay to make Danish pots and weaving our own Viking bracelets. We also learnt some Viking battle skills with shields, spears and bows and arrows. We really enjoyed being warriors and worked so well as a team to defend ourselves against our Saxon enemies!

In the afternoon, we became archaeologists digging into special trenches to uncover Viking artefacts. We used what we found to decide what type of building we might have been excavating. 

The day was a fantastic success and really helped to bring our learning to life. We are so excited to continue learning about the Vikings.

A visit from an Archaeologist!

Year 6 were lucky enough to have a visit from two archaeologists today, who are currently working locally on the A428. We had the chance to explore some of their findings, which included an Iron Age house! 

After looking at some artefacts, we had the chance to design and create our own brooches, inspired by some brooches they had found!